Infinite Remembrance Retreat​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Damanhur, Italy ~ October 1st - 8th, 2019

What Happens at Damanhur...

Stays with YOU

For ever! 

Where Magic, Miracle & Synchronicity Await You! 

Leaders & Teachers of Consciousness ~ Innovators, Peace Makers & Game Changers of the World...

This retreat was custom created to embrace & empower YOU!

  • To Restore, refuel and regenerate Your Self​​​​​​​

  • For Your personal evolutionary upgrade, Quantum healing & applied Self-actualization. 


  • Know what it feels like to connect with one of the most powerful Sacred Sites in the World. 


  • To enjoy the healing magic of Damanhur & apply it to Your life, family, community and purpose! 

Sacred sites around the World emanate frequency codes as harmonic energy waves that

have the capacity to turn on or activate dormant intelligence in our Body Temples. 

While everyone who visits these mystical locations feels something, those who are aligned with Integrity and attuned  to Love, will receive and integrate the awakening of their Divine abilities.

Are YOU ready to experience the most evolutionary 

transformational adventure of Your lifetime?! 

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What is Remembrance?

"Intra-Dimensional Awareness and Activation of One’s Divine Truth, Abilities, Purpose and Joy through a Synchronistic series of Miraculous Events and Adventures which Awakens The Crystalline Consciousness of Universal Creation, and thereby Restores Harmony to All Body Systems, Chakras, Lifetimes and Karmic Contracts to Allow for Unity with the Collective and Divine Consciousness.”

~ Divine Definition, channeled by Anna Allen, December 2016

Leadership Remembrance Retreat Overview

  • Arrival and Welcome ~ Your Private tour will begin with a storytelling journey through of Damjl, Damanhur's Capital, with its Open Temple, Ritual Circle,  Standing Stones, Labyrinth and Healing Spirals.

  • A short meditation in the Amphitheater to connect and open to the energies of Damanhur will prepare you for the next activation. 

  • A two-part, in-depth visit inside the “hidden” Temples of Humankind, with guided meditations throughout 

  • Healing walks in Damanhur's colored stone Spirals (labyrinths), a unique form of dynamic meditation immersed in the energies of the Synchronic Lines. 

  • A visit to the Sacred Woods, with a lesson on the “8 Quests”, Damanhur's founding principles

  • A two day seminar of re-awakening the Inner Senses plus one extra activation session

  • Preparation for and participation in the Ritual of the Oracle in the Open Temple (Full Moon Ceremony) 

  • A Conscious Leadership 

  • An evening meditation in the Temples of Humankind with sound healing.

  • Individual healing sessions per person, with Selfic energy technologies unique to Damanhur for: 
    • Prevention * Regeneration * Tuning and * Clearing of blocks, emotional, mental and physical conditions.

  • Alchemically Healing Nourishment - Meals - with many special surprises including a delicious nutrition meal co-creation class with Anna Naturalista 

  • 6 special nights of Selfic enhanced dreaming at Visterra Country Resort &/or other fabulous Castles in the local mountains. 
    • Integration and embodiment techniques and ongoing Spiritual support with Anna and Esperide as you transmute, transcend and transform into the greatest version of your Sovereign Self.​​​​​​​

Full Moon Oracle Ceremony
A  magical experience in the Outdoor Temples that brings us into balance with the natural rhythms of the Earth and Moon. It is a moment in which Cosmic Doors open and Divine attention is closer to us. During this ceremony it will be easy to hear the voice of the Forces give you guidance, especially because the Full Moon of September almost coincides with the Equinox.

Abaton Guesthouse

You will be staying in magnificent rooms inside the annex of the Temples of Humankind! They are an artistic expression and exclusive “Dreaming Temple” where your experiences of the day will merge with those of the night to nourish your Soul and metamorphosis.(local Castle bed & breakfast options also available) 

We will contact you soon to set up your call with Anna Naturalista

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Ancient Wisdom & Applied Knowledge for Today's Solutions

Inner Senses 3-day Class:

Through these sensory channels, we can explore communication with an intelligence who are very different from us, like those conveyed by the Selfic structures, and we can also begin to contact and use the prerogatives of the divine part of ourselves, so that the god within each of us not only participates in our world as an observer but, reawakened, we can become a co-creator.

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Exquisite Meals ~                             

                        Every day!

You will enjoy locally grown, organic meals prepared with Italian family Love as we dine in a variety of culturally delicious experiences from the Damanhur Farm to Michelin Star rated restaurants.

One night, Anna Naturalista will put on her Top Chef apron and teach the group as we cook together, how to prepare an alchemical healing meal for your evolving Being! 

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How will this transformational Remembrance improve Your

living experience & leadership offerings?

Here are just a few possible advances for You to receive:

* Enjoy having your Body Temple activated and attuned to resonate with the highest frequencies of healing energy, known as Selfic technology.

* Support your path to a greater awareness and more powerful action.

* Sharing the joy and the field of an intentional community of 600 people and receiving inspiration for your own way of living. 

* Advanced sensitivity of feeling Toroidal Field (Aura’s and Orbs) and Environmental Energies including Psychic abilities, Moon phases, seismic Earth frequency waves, Synchronic Line or Grid Activation points. 

* Activation of other Super Human Abilities such as ClairAudiance, allowing You to hear Higher Frequencies, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Galactic and other Beings of Light.  “Divine Sight and Foresight”, giving you Clear-Inner Vision, known as the Intuitive gift of ClairVoyance.

* The Knowing of Truth and Confidence will easily guide your decisions for the Highest good, a restoration of Your Claircognizance or Divine Knowing System. 

* Lucid, Multi-Dimensional and Galactic Traveling Dreams. 

* Awareness and Connection to Unity Consciousness of the collective Earth Intelligence, Galactic Consciousness of the Universal Intelligence, and Source Consciousness of all Divine Love Creation 

* AND sooooo much more magic & joy than we could ever plan for or imagine! 

As a result of the retreat process, You have the ability to Clear and Heal:

•    Past Life and imposed Genetic Codes

•    Family Programs and Societal Control

•    Judgments, Conditions and Definitions 

•    Lower Vibrational Frequencies

•    Environmental Influences

•             Traumatic and/or drama stories

•    OPE (other people energy)

Radiate & Operate with Infinite Life Force, Passion & Confidence, exuding the Energies of: 

Alignment    Purpose        Joy          Play          Wisdom          Unity          Harmony          Prosperity          Health         Vitality     Flow         Miracles    Synchronicity

Meet Your Remembrance Retreat Guides

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Esperide Ananas, MA

With a degree in English and Spanish Literature from IULM University in Milan, a Master of Arts in Communication from New York University and training in peace negotiation, Esperide is a pioneering human development researcher, writer and teacher with over twenty years of experience in consulting and coaching. 

Her first professional experience was as the Assistant to the Vice-President of the European Parliament in Brussels. She then moved to New York to study communication at New York University, and was taken as an intern at Beverly Hyman & Associates, where she worked on training programs for United Nations officers. Her Master thesis for NYU, “Cross-cultural communication and cooperation with the Third World. A strategy to ensure appropriate participation for women” served as the basis for a series of training modules for UNDP.

In 1990 she moved back to Italy, where she worked as a communication and P.R. consultant for national and international organizations and companies. In 1992 she was asked by the Federation of Damanhur, one of the world’s leading intentional communities, to direct the press campaign to save the Temples of Humankind, an extraordinary work of sacred art built without legal permission.

She fell in love with the values and the life-style of this spiritual community and enrolled in their School for Spiritual Healers. At the end of 1993 she left Milan to become a full-time resident of the community. 

She was the director of communication of Damanhur for many years, a position she left in order to write her books and teach around the world. She is now an Ambassador for Damanhur and leads seminars based on Damanhur’s spiritual understanding for social and spiritual innovation. 

She is visiting teacher for “Touching the Community Soul” program at Neyrode Business School in the Netherlands and, within the same organization, one of creators of “Feminine Leadership Re-designed”, a series of workshops for business women looking for a better balance between their work life and their happiness. 

She has been a consultant to Deltion College in Holland and she is also a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. As a member of the London based Pearl Group, she has worked with leading international businesses.

Esperide also organizes special visits to the Federation of Damanhur in Italy, to get a first-hand understanding of the social, economic and spiritual dynamics that support one of the world's leading new societies and intentional communities.

She is on the faculty of US-based Wisdom University. For her commitment to raising human consciousness, Wisdom University conferred on her a honorary PhD in June 2016.

Esperide is the author of "The Temples of Humankind" and "The Traveler’s Guide to Damanhur" (available in English and Chinese), a co-author of a sci-fi comic book "Checkmate To Time", inspired by the story of the Temples (available in Italian and English). Her most recent works are "Spirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica", the first book on one of Damanhur's most fascinating research fields; and "The Music of the Plants" on plant consciousness. Both these books are available in Italian and English, also on Amazon.

Click here to read Anna's bio.

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